Tuesday, April 12, 2011


~ Motherhood makes me seriously question my sanity.

The question is:

Was I crazy before I became a mom and since having kids my insanity has had more opportunity to... present itself?


Is it motherhood itself that is, in fact, making me loony?

The problem with option one is.... it could only mean I've been this way my whole life but the condition has been lying dormant until approximately 8 years ago.

The (scary) issue with number two is... I'm going to be a mother the rest of my life..... Am I just going to keep getting crazier?!
... that's a problem for me.

That's all folks...

1 comment:

Mands said...

You have been crazy your whole life. It revealed itself in small, brief moments among your closest friends and family but remained mostly silent. Now you shine in all your glory. Seriously..embrace the crazy.
ha..love you.