Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reduced to nothing

It's only in HIM that I find ANY worth. Any value . Anything of substance. The longer I live and the more I come face to face with my torn and tattered humanity, the more I realize that I have nothing to offer this world. On my own I don't have a leg to stand on. I cannot trust my own heart. My mind deceives me and tempts me down roads that I am sure lead to destruction.
But then He comes, through a song, through a book, through my husband, through His precious spirit and he touches that place in me. He reveals my sin and ever so graciously uncovers all that has been hidden. Then He RESTORES me!! He places value on my broken life. HE makes me worthy. And the worth that He puts in me cannot be taken away, by anyone.
And He loves me. The more layers of filth that He strips off, the more I see that He loves me. The more layers of "Monica" that He takes away, the more I see of Him and that HE LOVES ME.
.. as I am "reduced to nothing"... He is gently, tenderly, fully, completely, undeniably, patiently, in- no -way -like -I've -ever -been -loved- before, loving me .

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