Monday, March 30, 2009

The things Emma has learned in Kindergarten the past two weeks:

1. Never Trust a Jack.. any of them "There are two Jacks in my class, one is good and one is bad. Jack *** (name witheld in case I ever make friends w/ Jacks mom) knows everything" ME- "how do you know he knows everything?" "He told me"

...I have to wonder if this is not actually "bad Jack"

2. There is a future in fundraising: Emma says to Nate as she is getting in the van " Dad!! I have to tell you about what we are doing. This could be BIG dad. This could really be BIG. All YOU have to do is sell this stuff and I get all these prizes."

3. A rhyme she learned. And I wasn't sure whether to laugh or march up to the school.. " There were too many kids in the tub. And I accidently scrubbed , someones behind, that wasn't mine" ..

I'm actually wondering if she didn't write this herself based on real life experience...

4. Manners - "Another way to say you farted is to say you broke the wind". ( all credit goes to Jack.. again, I'm not sure which one... )
But I intend to find out. Tomorrow I'll have lunch w/ Emma at school. I can't wait to tell you what I learn!!!!

So that, my friends, that is your tax dollars hard at work. Thank you.

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