Sunday, November 21, 2010


It's 2006 and life in the Sweeney household is pretty great. We have our two girls, Emma is 4 and Jillian is 9 months. We have plans to move to Arkansas in January of 2007 and so far things are right on track.

.. fast forward just a couple of weeks. I am ONE day late and my mind flashes back to the day the girls took a long nap.... hmmmm....
This particular evening I am planning to go out with some girlfriends for one of the girls birthdays. But I stop off first at the DOLLAR STORE and buy... a pregnancy test.
I get to the restaurant go in the bathroom and do my thing. You may find it interesting to know that this is neither the first time I bought a dollar store pregnancy test NOR the first time I took it in a public bathroom.

From my experience.... dollar store pregnancy tests taken in public bathrooms are ALWAYS positive.

And so it was that I was pregnant, unexpectedly, with our 3rd child. I took home a to go box from the restaurant that night, stuck the positive test in it and handed it to Nate. WHAT was his response to this little surprise???

" Really... oh wow. .... where's the rolls?"

yep. that's what he said.

Eventually, we both got used to the idea. Sure, this was pretty quick and not what we were thinking, but we had talked a little about having a third, trying for that boy.. so... here we go!

The thing that really confirmed for me that I was having a boy was not an ultrasound or anything like that. It was my appetite. It was INSATIABLE. I wanted to eat all the time. I craved everything, I dreamed about food. I was NEVER full.
So, when Nathaniel was born on May 18, 2007 at 2 in the morning, 3 weeks early and weighing 7lbs 15oz ... it was no surprise that he was a very eager nurser. I can say that I never had one problem convincing that boy to eat. I didn't have to rub cold, wet clothes on him to wake him up enough. He was ALWAYS ready and willing. Although, he did prefer only the mom, of course. No bottles for this big guy.
I can't even begin to describe the difference in parenting a boy as opposed to a girl. This little man stole my heart. He was happy and content and friendly. And he had and still has the most beautiful, full kissable lips!!
Nathaniel Joseph, our little surprise baby, has brought so much joy to our family. He is such a little cut-up and ham.

He plays rough like a boy and is a little bit mischievous. He loves to wrestle with his dad and ANTAGONIZE his big sisters, especially Emma. He is still as sweet and lovable as he was as an infant. And he loves his mommy. :) He loves for me to sing to him " You Are My Sunshine and You Are My Bubby Boy" and then he sings to me " You are my Mommy Girl".
He still likes to eat. A lot. He loves sweets and he loves to get dirty. He is usually... naked...or at least nearly so. I don't know WHY but the boy just doesn't like clothing!
He continues to make friends with everyone he meets, which makes me think he would be a fabulous pastor.. or politician. Right now he is content to use this skills to get candy from the ladies at church or to sweet talk Mama Bear into an extra "turn" at her house.

He was unexpected and unplanned. We had not prepared for another baby so soon. But when I look at Nathaniel, I remember that sometimes God places unexpected things in our lives. Even though we feel unprepared or inadequate, many times God uses those situations to provide the biggest blessings.
Nathaniel- gift from God.
Joseph- God will increase.
Nathaniel, is a special surprise gift from God. The Lord knew how much we needed him and his sweet, caring, trusting personality in our family. And He has increased our joy and love beyond what we ever thought.
I love my little man and it is and always has been my prayer that he will be tender towards God at an early age, sensitive to His voice and a man after God's heart. As a baby I sang to him every night, as he nursed, "when the spirit of the Lord moves upon my heart, I will dance like David danced. I will dance, I will dance, I will dance like David danced". I pray that this will be true for him his whole life, that he will allow Gods spirit to move on him and pursue Jesus with unbridled passion.
I love you, honny man.

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Mands said...

I have been checking this waiting for lil' man's post. And I was not disappointed. *tear*
So sweet and makes me long to know what it's like to have a bubbling boy of my own. You are fully blessed in your three. Each reflecting a piece of God's heart to you and Nate.