Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 turned out to be a pretty peaceful one. I have to say I had my doubts. I just had the hardest time finding "the Christmas spirit" this year. It's been an emotionally grueling year and the month of December wasn't any different. I'm still not sure if it's circumstances or spiritual (probably both) but I sure experienced the blues this year.
Thankfully, my kids have turned Christmas into something more special than I ever could have imagined. I do believe the anticipation of waiting for the kids to get up on Christmas morning is even greater than that which I experienced as a child. When I was a little girl, my brothers and I used to all camp out in their room. We would listen to Christmas carols, sneak out to check for Santa and tickle each others feet. The sleepover is a tradition we chose to continue with our kiddos. And while it's a little tricky now, trying to get everyone to sleep and all.. I do believe it will be a special time for them for years to come.
I loved the looks on their faces this morning as they came into the living room and saw their presents sitting in front of the fireplace. The glow from the Christmas lights gave the room such a warm, magical feeling. Nate, my parents and I looked on as they took turns opening their stockings and squealing with delight at the goodies inside; bubble gum, barbie dolls and even a personal roll of tape for each child (My kids have a strange fetish with scotch tape this year).
As I watched them, laughing and grinning and loving each other. My heart was at peace. And that was my only Christmas wish this year.
They really are amazing kids. And I get to be their mom. And if I never do anything else ... I am their mom. And that is enough.

The spirit of Christmas is love... Christ's love. A mother's love. A family's love.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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